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        Ormaksan Kal?p Makine Hidrolik Pn?matik Yedek Par?a ?th.?hr.San.Tic.Ltd.?ti.

        Our company was established in 1994 in Izmir, Turkey. We are manufacturing wheels, roll sets, hinges, door locks and other special parts which are being used in the production and maintenance processes of Roll-on/off, Skip containers, and Hook-lift trailer systems. Besides all these, we are also producing the parts for farm machinery and conveyor systems, and variable items for automotive sector.

        We have all the machinery, equipment and experience necessary for the production. Mainly containers, we have been working to serve many industries with all kinds of metal constructions, welding and special unique manufactures.

        Our company is manufacturing items according to our customers' special demands rather than standard sized items. We prioritize customer satisfaction against all possible problems before and after the sales.

        We are at your service with a continuously developing and improving, reliable and successful team.

        Our Mission

        Mü?teri odakl? üretim anlay???m?z kalite bilincimizle ve üretti?imiz ürünler ile mü?terilerimizin memnuniyetini sa?lamak ve mü?terilerimizin beklentilerini teknik ve ticari anlamda tam olarak kar??lamakt?r.

        Our Vision

        Sürekli olarak geli?ebilen ve iyile?en, bilgi birikimiyle, teknik alt yap?m?zla, kapasitemizle ve mü?teri odakl? yakla??mlar?m?z ile otomotiv ve imalat sanayilerine y?nelik kal?p, yedek par?a ve fason imalat üretiminde her zaman, en ba?ta tercih edilen firmalar aras?nda yer almakt?r.

        CALL US

        +90 (232) 461 98 47
        sun - fri : 08 am - 18 pm